Low-Maintenance FSP Oz Choks®

Rotationally molded, and constructed using one piece. This makes them lightweight, UV stable, heavy duty, chemical, oil & water-resistant, ultra-durable and resistant to corrosion. Please complete an adequate risk assessment before using wheel chocks. Do not use wheel chocks if wheel chocks are damaged.


OZ CHOK Composition

FSP OZ Choks are manufactured from 100% Polyethylene and high density urethane foam. All materials used in the construction of our choks are 100% virgin materials. Heavy Duty Plastic Wheel Chocks are available in a standard colour of yellow with other colours available on request. Traction pads are essential to the safe usage of our Chock range and are available at your request.

  • Light weight with tough urethane construction
  • 3rd party tested for compliance
  • ANSI compliant colour written guidelines on proper chocking procedures
  • Designed to meet  SAE-J348, NFPA 1901, and NFPA 1906 Standards
  • Resistant to oils, fuels and solvents


  • Strong carrying handle on the backside of the chock
  • High visibility colour used for safety.

FSP OZCHOKS are designed to fit a wide range of tyre sizes

  • Always use an adequate number of choks as per your risk assessment
  • Always place choks on solid surface with vehicle stopped / park brake on
  • Always place choks squarely against the centre of tyre.
  • Use contradictory to instructions may cause product failure/personal injury
  • NEVER use damaged choks
  • NEVER drive over a choks

Operator MUST comply with manufacturers safe operation precheck manual. Safety Alert: FSP Industrial Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the negligence of users of our OZ CHOKS® who do not carry out a safety check to ensure that the chock is intact prior to use.

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