FSP America is a distributor of unique alternatives to steel or wooden posts.

Our Reggie posts are used for agricultural purposes and salt water oyster farming and many other purposes. Made from high density polyethylene, our range of Reggie posts are UV stable and don’t break easily when bent. Moreover they are trimmer friendly and enable efficient harvesting of more crops around the posts due to its extreme flexibility. Additionally, our Reggie posts are available in light colours which reflect the light, encouraging better growth rate for crops.

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FSP America is one of the largest distributors of unique alternatives of steel and wooden posts.  Our reggie posts are perfectly suited for agricultural purposes and salt water farming, along with other purposes. Built from high density polyethylene, our range of reggie posts are UV stable and doesn’t easily break when bent.  Besides, they are trimmer friendly, further enabling efficient harvesting of crops due to extreme flexibility.  In addition to this, our reggie posts are available in a large range of light colours that helps in better growth of the crops.

Advantages of the Reggie Post.

  • Foliage/wire slots made to order to suit your vineyard.
  • Fully certified for use in organic vineyards by BIO GRO America.
  • Trimmer friendly, post will bend and straighten up if hit.
  • Less punctures as no nails to pull out.
  • Harvest more crop around posts due to flexibility.
  • Won’t break when bent, are UV stable, require no nails or clips!
  • High Impact polyethylene cap with rounded edges that won’t snag over row netting.

Download our detailed USA Flyer.

The default height for Reggie Posts are 2.4m however – 94 ½ inches & other heights are available on request.

Reggie Posts ship in pallets of 100.
Singles available on pick up.