Want to Upgrade the Food Lockers? Read this first

Over years, the sharp edged, noisy, dented and discoloured metal lockers have always been a staple in the food industry. However, due to its vulnerability to rust, these outdated lockers are increasingly getting substituted with better options.

Metal lockers are more prone to dents, chips, corrosion and abrasion. Similarly wood storage units are not sturdy and can easily catch fire.

To address all these problems, FSP America brings you an array of sturdy, colourful, custom-made, and UV stable food industry lockers.

Discover! Food Industry Lockers: Here's What You Should Know

FSP America is one of the pioneer distributors of high quality and HDPE plastic lockers. Easy to clean and low maintenance, our lockers offer a hygienic alternative for various business domains within the food industry. Our range of lockers are an ideal choice for a number of businesses that include:

  • Restaurants.
  • Cafes.
  • Bars.
  • Food processing facilities.
  • Bakeries.
  • Fish or meat processing factories.
  • Oil processing plants.

Built from polyethylene plastic, our range of food lockers are water resistant. This means you can effortlessly clean dust, dirt or grease build up.

Additionally, unlike the metal or wood lockers, our plastic storage units don’t rust even if they are exposed to moisture, air or water. This offers a safe and clean storage area for everything – ranging from uniforms to raw food material.

Explore a Range of Plastic Food Lockers and Worry Less About Fires

As compared to other industries, the food industry has high possibilities of fire accidents. With a lot of fire accelerants like oil and grease in the vicinity, a wood locker can easily catch fire resulting in casualties.

Therefore, it is essential to replace the wooden lockers with a safer option like HDPE plastic lockers. These lockers don’t catch fire easily thus reducing your fire risk.

Brighten Up Your Premises With Colourful Long Lasting Lockers

Say goodbye to the old fashioned, dull and noisy lockers and bring colors to your premises with our series of lockers. Available in 25 different colors, these storage units give a vibrantly new look to your workplace. Depending on your unique storage requirements, we custom make the lockers to seamlessly accommodate your demands.

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